Discount Wedding Services

We provide a one-stop-shop for soon to be married couples. Here they will find all the resources and services that they will need to complete their wedding plans.

Hot Leads

The concept is simple. When someone is organizing a wedding they will need an assortment of products and services from DJ's, Florist to Caterers and Photographers. This web site will provide a way for you to advertise your company directly to hot leads that are searching for your product/services. Only one business per category is allowed, so that your business will have exclusive rights to that category.

You can provide complete details about your company, products, services and special offers. We will provide a link to your web site and contact information. We will also send you Request for Quotes from brides that request information about companies in your category and area.

Check out this months statistics and see for yourself.

Build Relationships

It is beneficial for you to build a valuable relationship with each of the vendors in your area that provide wedding services. We have set up a network that will allow each person in the network to receive leads from other people in the network. You can send and receive leads to any vendor that is a member of Discount Wedding Services. Find out more >>

Most categories are currently free of charge. But Hurry, once a category is filled then the next vendor will have to set a price they are willing to pay for each click from that category.

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